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If you are a military service member facing trial by court-martial, it’s critical that you speak to an experienced military criminal law attorney about your rights and defense options. At The Law Office of Sean Flood PLLC, our Fort Campbell court-martial attorney has extensive experience in handling all types of courts-martial, including summary courts-martial, special courts-martial, general courts-martial, and cases involving both minor and serious accusations.

If your rights, your future, or even your freedom are in jeopardy, we can help. The Law Office of Sean Flood PLLC offers personalized legal representation to military service members at Fort Campbell, KY, as well as those located at military installations throughout the U.S.

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Courts-Martial Punishments & Sentencing

Whether you have been accused of insubordination, desertion, conspiracy, assault, rape, or any type of offense, the threat of trial by court-martial is serious. Regardless of the nature of the alleged offense, you could face severe penalties if you are found guilty.

Courts-martial punishments, which are handed down by the jury, often include:

  • Bad conduct discharge
  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Dismissal for officers
  • Up to one year or up to life in prison
  • Confinement including life in prison for an applicable offense
  • Forfeiture of pay and allowances
  • Full reduction in grade
  • Death (when the death penalty applies)

The vast majority of courts-martial lead to convictions. However, following the conviction, you will be granted the opportunity to request a reduced sentence during extenuation and mitigation proceedings. During these proceedings, your courts-martial defense attorney can advocate on your behalf and seek a lesser sentence in your favor.

Appealing a Court-Martial Conviction

Whenever a court-martial results in a conviction, the ruling will be reviewed by the convening authority, or the CA. While the CA is not allowed to escalate the initial sentence, he or she can reduce it, uphold it, or even dismiss the case altogether. Typically, the CA will work with a judge advocate who will provide legal counsel regarding the sentence and the appropriate course of action.

In addition to seeking a reduced sentence, you may request an appeal of a court-martial conviction. Certain courts-martial convictions, including those with a sentence of at least one year in prison or unfavorable discharge, receive an automatic appeal; others will require an official request for review.

Protecting Your Rights

At every stage of the court-martial process, including the CA review and any additional appeals, you have the right to an attorney. This is critical, as an attorney can help you navigate the complex proceedings involved. The system generally does not work in your favor—but our Fort Campbell court-martial defense lawyer knows how to fight back against this system and work to protect your rights.

Sean Flood brings extensive experience, including experience as a judge advocate, to every case he handles. He can assist you during the initial stages of a trial by court-martial, the CA review, the appeal, and even with redress of grievances issues and official complaints of improper treatment.

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Recent Case Results

  • Abusive Sexual Contact Penalties Reduced
  • Abusive Sexual Contact Career Saved
  • Administrative Separation Board Honorable Discharge
  • Administrative Separation Board Honorable Discharge
  • Cruelty & Maltreatment and Assault with a Firearm Charges Dismissed
  • Do-It-Yourself Move Fraud Avoided Separation Action
  • Domestic Violence and Assault Not Guilty
  • Illegal Drug Use Case Dismissed
  • Improper Oversight and Accountability Charge Dismissed
  • Rape & Sexual Assault Full Acquittal

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